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  • Alessandro T.

    Hi guys! I was wondering at what time, usually, you post your podcast 🙂
    we need it!!!

  • Hi @disqus_dTfna7AeIz:disqus thanks for your message. We usually post our podcast at 1am EST Monday through Thursday. Did you not receive them this week? Let us know if there is a problem! Thanks for listening!

  • Alessandro T.

    Ciaooo, sure, I recived them. thank you very much!
    Hear you soon!

  • Mollie Tai

    After listening to a lot of English Learning Podcasts, yours is quite unique ! Very educational
    and informative ! You two sound great together ! We learn a great deal about real-life
    experience and world communication . If Lindsay and Gabby can make the conversations
    longer, that will be the biggest gift to all. What do you think ?

  • Hi @Mollie Tai Thanks for your comment! We are so happy that you love AEE! Thanks for being a part of our community. Actually, we are trying to keep the podcasts short so that you’ll be more likely to listen a little bit every day. What do you think about that? Just a tiny bit of listening practice is enough each day. Give it a try for a few weeks and you’ll see! It works.

  • Mollie Tai


  • @mollietai:disqus Thank YOU!

  • Christian Urzua

    Hi, all podcasts are really helpful. I would like to share a tool. I have an iPad and i have configured the assistant “Siri” in english language. My language is spanish, so i try to speak in english to the assistant “Siri”, it’s funny because sometimes, this assistant understand all the words i say, and sometimes does not. thank you

  • Hi @christianurzua:disqus How are you? Thanks for sharing your tool and idea! Wow, that’s kind of cool. I suppose that is one way to practice your English and it’s better than reading from a grammar book! Let us know how it goes!

  • Eduardo Mozo

    Hi Lindsay and Gabby!

    Thanks for sharing these podcasts. I’m a new listener of your materials and I think they are really great and useful. I work for an american company in Mexico City and I’m usually in contact with american co-workers located in different parts of the US. This is helping me so much to know more about culture in the US and have the chance to listen to people with different accents because you have many guests in your podcasts.

    Thanks for helping English learners to improve. Greetings from Mexico!

  • amir

    Hi , I want to ask you a question :
    Do you know any online site for dating or having a friendship?
    thank you

  • Hi @Amir- Sorry we only focus on learning English here. We don’t have any website ideas for you. Best of luck.

  • Hi @eduardomozo:disqus Welcome! Thanks for being a new listener of AEE! We are happy to have you in the community! Please keep listening to AEE! We will help you prepare for your work with American co-workers in different parts of the US. Good luck!

  • amir

    In fact,exactly I’m focusing on learning english . I asked this question because I watched one of Mr.Hoge’s shows named “Multi-lingual Dating” and you and gabby were the guest of that show and I think you suggested online friendship.that’s why I asked this question because around me there is not any american person.
    thank you very much for your attention.

  • Hi @Amir- Ok thanks for letting us know where you found us. I think it’s always great to meet someone from another country in your home country and become friends and then if it turns into dating then that’s great! Good luck!

  • Luiz Henrique

    I just listen one of the last podcast you’ve published about using Facebook and you interviewed Kevin. I know Kevin, and I’d like to know do you have plans to have other podcast episodes with some of your reader for instance ?

  • Hi @disqus_BPMnUUDuVs:disqus Thanks for your question! We have a “superfan” award where we choose one person every month or so who is super active in our community (social media, comments, etc) and we announce their name on the podcast and then we play their recorded answer to one question so they have a chance to give their advice to our listeners. That’s one opportunity that listeners have to be on the podcast! Thanks for asking and I hope you get active in our community to perhaps become our next superfan!

  • Luiz Henrique

    Nice to hear that. I will try to be more effective with my posts and participating more in everything I can.
    I will try to do my best. Thanks for answer.
    See you.

  • Kyumin Sun

    agree with you.!!

  • Kyumin Sun

    Does anyone caught a bird singing on “AEE 168 : how to be the king or queen of the social scene” ?? Hahahaha~

  • Hi @kyuminsun:disqus haha that is funny! Yes it could have been a bird or maybe it was Gabby singing because she was so happy to be recording another AEE episode!!

  • Triyambak Tripathy

    Dear Jessica and Lindsay,
    I would like to say Thank you to both of you for the great tips and advice. Test was good I’m satisfied waiting for results will let you know how much I scored.

  • Adriano

    Hello Lindsay and Michelle,

    First of all, I want to thank you for the podcast and of course to all of the team who collaborates to give us this amazing resource in English comprehension. I have to say you are doing more than just helping me on learning English, you are giving me fun times as well. I really enjoy listening to the AEI podcast because of your energy and joy which is something I really appreciate on my commutes to work or back home here in the terrible traffic of Mexico City.

    Once said that, I would love you could help me to understand something I have heard a lot of times on native speakers but until now I just can’t understand how to use when I am speaking in English.

    Here is the thing, in Spanish as in English we tend to make affirmative sentences and emphasize them with a short question at the end e.g.

    “hace mucho que NO nos vemos, ¿NO?”

    Which translated into English might be

    It’s been a long time. Isn’t it?

    That last part of the sentence is the thing I don’t understand maybe because in Spanish we use only a few words to make this “last question” but in English it seems like there are a lot of ways to make those little questions.

    Is there a trick or rule to learn how to work with this? Thank you so much again and keep doing the great job.

    Adrian from Mexico

    PS. These are some other examples:

    it should show you the problem, shouldn’t it?

    So you can’t really schedule an analyze at the right moment, can you?

    … are in this instance worth exactly jack! Aren’t they?

  • Hi good question thanks we will try to answer it on the show. Check out this episode too:

  • Carlos

    Hello Lindsay and Michelle.
    I’m Carlos Silva from Brazil.
    Please, can you clarify what’s the correct words to use when
    you want to “affirm” something about some issue. I don’t know
    the difference among “claim, declare, affirm, say, etc…”
    I am sure that this is a commom question in general english students

  • Salvador

    Hi guys.. ur podcast is simply AWESOME, AMZING, INSANELY COOL jeje.. really cool..
    I have a question.. what SO FAR SO GOOD means?? and when to use it??
    Lindsay.. happy birthday.. 2 days later jeje..u seem to me very smart.. congrats

  • Hi thanks. Good question. Please go to episode 509. Thanks again!

  • Hey Lindsay! Hey Michelle!
    This fall I’ll be in NYC on vacation with my boyfriend and our mothers? YEAAAAHHH. I’ve arranged everything for the trip, we booked a house in brooklyn via AirBNB. They say they rent the entire house, so the owners won’t be staying with us but we need to meet up to swap keys. And I have a question related to this particular moment. What I am supposed to say other than ‘nice to meet you’? I wanna let them know that we appreciate the opportunity, that their place look good (hopefully), that we’ll clean everything before we go and that we’ll be in touch to give them back the keys the day we leave. I’d like to avoid any awkward blank and make this little chat as friendly as possible.
    I’ve been listening to the show for a year now, i LOVE it!

  • Hi great question. This week we’ll be publishing an episode about how to communicate with your host on Airbnb. Check back on our blog this week. Good luck!

  • jung mo Yang

    You guys are being ridiculous.
    This is outrageous.
    Furious doesn’t describe what I’m feeling right now.
    This is a second time you charged me for the transcript that I cancelled three weeks ago and never been seen in my inbox since then.

    Are you fucking kidding me?
    This is how you guys make money?

    You better give me my money back.
    2 week’s worth of transcript
    If you keep doing this again?
    I will consider taking legal actions.
    I’m dead serious.

    Why the hell didn’t you email back !!!
    I’ve emailed you two times!!
    If you can’t handle customer’s complaints,
    why the hell do you have ‘contact us’ and shit.

    I trusted you.
    You better earn it back.


    Hello, I’m taking the IELTS exam for the first time and I have a few questions:

    – Which of your courses do you suggest to take? Considering that is the first exam I take.
    – How many hours a week you suggest to study? Considering that I work at least 40 hours a week.
    – How many weeks of preparation I must take before the exam?

    I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.


    Edgar Ramos

  • Hi Edgar- You can take our basic 3 Keys IELTS course and you can choose general or academic version when you buy it. You need to study 1-3 hours per day and follow the study plan that we will give you. You need a minimum of 30 days to prepare. Go here to join us:

  • Bechir Bendaoud

    Hi Lindsay
    Please can you explain more the teaching process how it will be for the 3 key success system and the total cost please
    Thank you a lot

  • Hi the course is self guided unless you choose the Personal Coach option. We have video lessons, worksheets, practice tests, and templates. We offer a score increase guarantee as well. Get all of the information here:

  • Bechir Bendaoud

    Deep thank

    Very useful informations c u soon

  • Amelia Selly

    Hi, Lindsay! I am Selly from Indonesia,
    I recently took an IELTS test and I received the result this morning,

    My scores:
    Overall;7.0 and get 8,5 on reading
    I am very grateful to find your blogs and podcasts and This is my first attempt on IELTS test, I have never done it before. Thank You for the great help you provide me on your blogs and podcasts ! I really hope the best for you and your team!

  • Fei Xie

    I have been listening to your podcast for several months and have learnt a lot from it. You guys are doing an excellent job!! Here is one thing which also bothers me. How can I make myself sound more native when answering the question do you wanna your receipt and do you need anything else?

  • Sasan Ganjali

    Hi guys,
    I am listening to your for a month. You are doing excellent job and I am really eager to get the courses immediately, but I need to know a little bit more.
    I have taken an IELTS exam last year and I got the below scores on each skill,
    W:6 S:6.5 L:5.5 (missed the section 2 of listening) R:6.5
    I was wondering if I could ask you which package suits me more. I want to get 7 or above. And please explain a little about how may I get the courses after the purchase ? Is everything on your web site or you will send me via the E-mail.
    Thanks in advance

  • Hi I will email you about this. Thanks

  • Gerardo Lopez

    Hi girls, how are you? First that all, your job is amazing, thanks a lot for all your support and advises. I’ve learned a huge with you.

    I’m from Costa Rica, we like to talk a lot with other people. When we want to meet someone, we try to create the correct “environment”, we chose any interesting topic (such as Soccer) and we start a conversation, I’ve noted that the people from the US, CAN are more silent that us (Latinos) and sometimes is more complicated to start a conversation with them.

    What advice could you give us for creating new friends in the US? What topics do people prefer to talk?

    See you later girls, you’re welcome to my country when you want to come.
    – Atte: Falcón

  • Hi there!
    I’d like to thank you for your work. The first time a listen to the podcast was a great pleasure because you were interviewing Fernando, from São Paulo, about his winning system to became a better speaker. I felt really well, mainly due to your sympathy and, of course, by the fact Fernando is Brazilian, just as I am.

  • Thanks! I’m glad you found us! Welcome to AEE

  • Hamid Mohammed

    yes i need it too and i want the time of the live episode on facebook to join the discussion

  • Min Hsiu Hsieh

    Some of your topic are got from the question that listener submit right? Where can I submit those question? I also have some question that I want to hear some suggestions from you 🙂

  • Submit them on this blog. Reply to this comment right here.

  • Luis Fernandez Flores

    Hi! Lindsay, Michelle, Jessica and of course; you all fellow learners.

    I am writing in because I would like you please to clear up some doubts I have regarding the way you speak.

    First of all, I would like to thank you for making this awesome podcast and for you willing to help us to build on our English skills. Thank you very much!!!

    My concern is that when I listen your podcast I easily understand everything you say, I do not know if you speak in that way in order for us to understand you. When I say the Way you speak I mean that you speak slower than most of the natives I have listened. When I watch a movie or listen to any type of music I sometime do not understand some of the words they say , however I try to understand as clear as I can and I think that helps me a lot. My question is: Is it better for us as English learners to hear someone who talks clear and slow instead of listening someone who speaks faster and clear? *Fast and clear = Natural way of speaking.

    I am confused, please help!

    ===I love the accent of you three. Each of you have different sounds on your voices===

  • Hey Luis good question! We will try to answer this on the show soon