English phrasal verbs money

AEE 1505: Phrasal Verbs For Money That Really Pay Off

Have you heard somebody talk about how they have to “pay off” a loan? Do you hear conversations about money in English and wonder what all of the various phrases mean? There are multiple phrasal verbs that you may use in English to talk about… Read More

IELTS score miss one question

IELTS Energy 980: What’s Your IELTS Speaking Score if You Miss One Question?

What happens to your IELTS Speaking score if you don’t understand a question and don’t respond at all? Listen today to find out! You will want to avoid making this drastic mistake. Students often tell us they didn’t understand and didn’t answer a question. Knowing… Read More

English expression long shot

AEE 1504: Why You Should Always Go For The Long Shot

Have you ever heard somebody say “it’s a long shot” in English? Is this one of those phrases that seems a bit confusing as you are just not sure of how or when to use it? There are phrases that you use to sort of… Read More