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AEE 1556: Post Pandemic Predictions on Shopping, Groceries, and Handshakes

Have you started to look at certain things that you did before the pandemic? Do you think that certain behaviors or traditions may change when the pandemic is over? The reality is that the pandemic has changed so much of what we do, and that’s… Read More


IELTS Energy 1018: How Fumika’s Speaking Score Jumped from 5 to 7

Today 3 Keys student Fumika shares how she increased her IELTS Speaking score two band points! She went from a 5 to a 7! Additionally, she shares the strategies that helped her write the winning Writing Wizard essay. She gives specific tips on using linking… Read More

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AEE 1555: Connect English Grammar to Reality in English With this Tactic

Do you ever listen to somebody switch verb tenses in a conversation in English? Does this seem confusing to you as if it breaks all the rules? If you find yourself confused about somebody switching tenses in a conversation, you are not alone as this… Read More

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IELTS Energy 1017: Vocabulary for a Massive Surge of IELTS Scores

Today we teach you the most impressive paraphrases for increasing and decreasing trends on IELTS. This vocabulary will help you not only on Writing Task 1, but also on Speaking and Writing Task 2. We don’t want you to be confused and get lost when… Read More