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AEE 1443: Grab A Political Quote and Make a Joke–Part 2

Have you heard political quotes and felt unsure of what they meant in English? Has anyone ever used this sort of reference with you in conversation? We did an episode on political quotes in the past, and this is an excellent and helpful follow up… Read More


IELTS Energy 933: 3 Study Tips with Kerstin Cable of The Fluent Show

Today’s special guest, Kerstin Cable, scored an overall 9 on her IELTS exam. She now runs the company Fluent Language and hosts the podcast The Fluent Show. She speaks German, English, French, Welsh, Spanish and Italian. She shares 3 study habits that earned her that… Read More

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AEE 1442: Five Ways To Use The Podcast To Improve Your English Speaking

Are you a long time listener of the show? Do you use what you hear a lot in everyday life? It’s time to focus on what you can get out of this show on a daily basis. Today we’re going to look at how you… Read More

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AEE 1441: How to Draw Someone’s Attention in English

Have you heard people use “look” in conversation but felt a bit confused about the usage? Do you ever wonder what the right way to use this word may be or help you to draw attention to something? Today we answer a question about how… Read More