IELTS Energy 1063 - 4 Band 9 Insult Idioms for IELTS Speaking two people annoyed with each other

IELTS Energy 1063: 4 Band 9 Insult Idioms for IELTS Speaking

Use caution with today’s idioms. They are insults that could hurt someone’s feelings! However, they are perfect for IELTS Speaking. They are guaranteed to make the Examiner laugh. Idiomatic language like this is required for a 7+ on your Speaking Vocabulary score. These idioms can… Read More

IELTS Energy 1062 - How the Wrong Grammar Raises Your IELTS Score Old Typwriter

IELTS Energy 1062: How the Wrong Grammar Raises Your IELTS Score

You have likely heard us say you shouldn’t worry so much about your grammar scores. Many students think their main problem is grammar, and this is usually not the case. It is vital that you also focus on raising your other scores. However, there are… Read More


AEE 1614: How To Handle Zoom Meetings in International Business with Peter Yawitz

Have you found yourself feeling challenged in the latest online business environment? Does this seem even harder to deal with on an international level? Today we are talking about what the latest business challenges are in this post pandemic era as most business meetings have… Read More


AEE Bonus: Confident Phone Calls in English, and a Free Live Webclass!

Do you get nervous or anxious when you have to make a phone call in English? This is common for every language learner! It is difficult to understand phone calls! You don’t have visual clues to help you understand! In today’s bonus, you’ll learn native… Read More

AEE 1612 - Context is King When You Re-Introduce Yourself in English Sticker with Hello and Smiley

AEE 1612: How to Re-Introduce Yourself in English Conversations

Have you ever run into someone you remember from a while ago? Have you ever run into somebody that you know through a mutual friend or some other way? Did you feel unsure of how to address the person in this situation in English? Today… Read More