Your frequently asked questions, answered!

Premium Subscription FAQs

  1. Who is the premium subscription for? The premium subscription is excellent for teachers and students of English as a Second Language or English as a Foreign Language. It is especially for adult, intermediate to advanced English learners who want to take their English skills to the advanced, native-like level.
  2. What will I learn if I subscribe? You will be shown pronunciation, academic and idiomatic vocabulary and phrases, grammar and phrasal verbs, American culture, communication skills for making American friends and professional skills for doing business in North America.
  3. What do I get each month? We have done our best with your input to design a great learning package for you to improve your English. You get access to Lindsay and Gabby to ask questions via e-mail.  You get weekly learning tips and practical information by email. You get the audio and text of each All Ears English episode. Also, you get a special edition of the All Ears English eBook: How to Improve Your English with a Podcast with exclusive tips for premium subscribers.
  4. Can I try the premium subscription for one month, then cancel? Of course! We are sure that you will enjoy your subscription, but if you want to cancel at any time, you can do so without any penalty. And there is never any registration fee, or any hidden costs. What’s more, all materials are yours to keep.
  5. What if I have a problem, a question, or suggestion? You can easily contact Lindsay or Gabby here. We welcome your messages and look forward to helping you!