IELTS Speaking answers sports soccer ball in the air

IELTS Energy 1028: Speaking About Sports in Every IELTS Section

Sports is a very common IELTS topic! This could come up anywhere on IELTS Speaking and Writing. Even if your topic isn’t directly sports, there are many sports idioms you can use on IELTS Speaking! Listen to today’s sample answers and practice answering yourself! In… Read More

fast English conversations track pronouns grammar people with map

AEE 1568: How to Track Pronouns in Fast English Conversations

Have you heard people use the words “we” and “you” to speak about others in English? Does it feel as if these worse are used to talk about generalizations sometimes? If you have encountered these uses in conversation, then you have come upon a very… Read More

IELTS Speaking part 2 how to start photo of Jessica Beck IELTS former Examiner-1

IELTS Video: Don’t Start IELTS Speaking Part 2 Like This

Did you know there is a right and wrong way to start IELTS Speaking Part 2? Most students start their answer in a very boring, low-scoring way. Don’t let this happen to you! Today we’re going to talk about the best introductions for Speaking Part… Read More

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AEE 1566: How to Talk About Makeup and Beauty Across Cultures in English

Do you use a lot of cosmetics? Do you hear people talking about cosmetics a lot in English? What are cosmetics anyhow? They are basically something that you put on your face or use as part of your skin care regimen, and they are a… Read More