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IELTS Video: How to Stay Motivated While Studying for IELTS

It can be incredibly difficult to stay motivated while studying for IELTS! This is especially true for those who have taken the exam multiple times without getting the scores they need! How can you stay motivated? Today Jessica provides 3 tips that will help you… Read More

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AEE 1549: Don’t Get Left Behind When the English Conversation Escalates

Have you been part of a conversation that has a lot of excitement within it in English? Do you have a hard time keeping up because it moves fast and goes back and forth a lot? This is a situation that so many of us… Read More

Jessica Beck former IELTS Examiner

IELTS Energy 1013: Expert Examiner Advice for IELTS Prep

How can you stay motivated while you study for IELTS? This is especially difficult if you have taken the exam multiple times. Sometimes staying motivated is the biggest battle! It’s vital to enjoy your study so you stick to it. Today we answer 2 listener… Read More

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AEE 1548: English Pronunciation Myths Debunked! Learn 1 Way to Say the Past Tense

Have you ever struggled with the “t” sound in English? Are you worried about getting your pronunciation right when it comes to certain sounds? Today we’re looking at instances where “ed” sounds like “t” in English, and this happens more than you might think. This… Read More